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Design for your business off the water.

The mission of kiteanddesign is to support people and enterprises with designservices to bring them closer to their goals and dreams.

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Dream it. Work for it. Achieve it.

Kiteanddesign is a creative and visionary partner with a passion for adventures, people and dreams. We create for the risktakers, the developers and the entrepreneurs. Perception is our power – overcoming boundaries is our goal. Analysis, conception and creations in graphic and productdesign are individually made for your own way to the summit.

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I am Daniela Widmer - designer and founder of kiteanddesign

My professional career started working as a flight attendant for an international airline. Exploring different cultures, the world as a neighborhood and getting to know people from all over developed my intercultural understanding. Taking care of our guests over the clouds and discovering worlds and bubbles is still a thing I deeply enjoy. Furthermore working as a VDWS certified kitesurfinstructor provides me with some extra insights in the fascinating universe of kitesurfing and coaching. Nowadays I can be proud to bring in all this knowledge and inspirations to my work as a designer. In 2020 I successfully finished my studies in productdesign at a recognized university with a bachelor of arts. And soon after I decided to go my own ways, to fulfill my dreams and to face the challenge of self employment – raising a new brand from total scratch. „Kiteanddesign – design for your business off the water“ was born.


let's do this!

I do my best to speak your language - not only considering design.

Get in touch with me in english, german, swiss-german or french.


+49 174 808 1401

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